Get Glowing Skin With A Chemical Face Peel

Have you felt flawless skin is out of your reach? With Rose Clinic Aesthetic Medicine, the best skincare clinic in Cork, it doesn’t have to be. Chemical peels can exfoliate and brighten your skin. Our expertly applied chemical peels can help control common skin problems like acne, wrinkles, texture, even lines, and discolouration to revitalise and transform your skin.

At Rose Clinic, we provide a variety of Ultraceuticals as well as Obagi Medical chemical peels that suit various skin concerns and needs. A chemical face peel is one of the minimally invasive ways to boost the appearance of your skin. Our specialists will help you decide if chemical peeling is the ideal solution for your skin. We provide a range of chemical peels as well as peeling agents at various strengths and tailor them as per your needs.

The peeling process leads to the meticulous destruction of the epidermis, resulting in the successive exfoliation of these layers. After the wounding, rejuvenation and transformation of the epidermis occurs, this leads to the enhanced texture and appearance of your treated skin.

Since active ingredients are used in all our chemical peels, you might experience a slight itching, heat, or redness on the skin during treatment. With us by your side, be assured of improved skin health positive results.

What Conditions Can A Face Skin Peel Treat?

Our premiere skincare clinic enjoys an enviable reputation for offering skin rejuvenation treatments that aim to restore your skin from all sorts of damage. Skin damage could be a result of sun exposure,a normal sign of aging,or an underlying health condition.

Chemical peels can help improve or reduce the following:

  • • Mild scarring
  • • Certain kinds of acne
  • • Fine lines under your eyes and around the mouth
  • • Wrinkles caused by ageing and sun damage
  • • Age spots and liver spots
  • • Freckles and dark patches

Trust Rose Clinic; The Acne Specialists

Let the experts at Rose Clinic help you get rid of your acne or treat your acne scars with a chemical face peel. Regardless of whether you’re a teenager or a middle-aged person, peels can end acne and soften your scars. Our chemical peeling for acne can actually help to boost your confidence as well as make you feel better about your acne scars. As chemical peeling exfoliates deeper, they are great acne scarring treatments. Our professionals have the expertise to offer skin peels for your face to get you the results you are looking for.