Mole Removal (Minor Surgery)

As part of our Mole Mapping service, Rose Clinic also offer minor surgery as a means of excising any mole or lesion that may be potentially dangerous. While most moles are benign, our melanography team will be able to alert you to any moles that may be of concern. Rose Clinic, in correlation with The Redmond Clinic, can arrange this excision on your behalf. Excision of any potentially dangerous moles or lesions will be carried out in Cork University Hospital or the Bon Secour Hospital in Cork.
There are a number of benefits to the surgical removal of a mole. It is a relatively quick procedure, with no pain or downtime. All moles excision are submitted for biopsy to determine if it is cancerous. Removing a cancerous mole from the surface of the skin at its early stages can save your life.
While it may be invisible to the natural eye, you will be left with a small scar. If you are concern of scarring, Rose Clinic offers both IPL and resurfacing lasers which can improve the look of any unsightly scarring.