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A comprehensive range of diagnostics and treatments for many common skin conditions. Our digital Mole Mapping Fotofinder allows screening of moles and pigmented lesions.

We also offer Ireland’s first Stellar M22 IPL Laser, delivered non-ablative treatments for a wide range of skin conditions, sun damage and aging. The ResurFX module offers skin rejuvenation and resurfacing.

Mole Mapping:

Have you had your moles checked?

Introducing Fotofinder Digital Mole Mapping.

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Professor Redmond has established a mole mapping service that evaluates a persons moles using digital technology based on Artificial Intelligence. this technology is provided by digital Fotofinder imaging. This facilitates surveillance of moles over time and helps and identify potentially dangerous pre-malignant and malignant mole including melanoma.

Irelands Only Full Body ATBM Studio

Mole Mapping With Fotofinder Digital Imaging

Irelands First Stellar M22

Non-Ablative Laser

Laser Therapy:

Vascular Lesions, Sun Spots, Sun Damage, Pigmentation, Hair Removal, Skin Re-Surfacing, Stretch Marks, Acne Scars, Acne Treatments, Telangiectasia and more.

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Professor Redmond’s Skin Clinic now offers laser treatment for a wide variety of skin conditions using the “State of the Art” Stellar M22 Non Ablative Laser, the first of its kind in Ireland. 


Professor Redmond has had a special interest in Melanoma Skin Cancer for 30 years. 

Current Surgical Treatments offered include:

  • Melanoma Surgery
  • Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Surgery

The Redmond Clinic

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