The Redmond Clinic

Chauffeur Service

We are delighted to offer our new Chauffeur Service. 

Our personal driver Mr. James Murphy is here and happy to help. We offer door to door collection services for appointments and procedures.

Call Reception today on 021-4941367 to find out more.

Chauffeur Service

How It Works

Our driver will collect you for your appointment. 

On arrival to the clinic, your return trip home will be pre-booked for you  allowing you peace of mind throughout your time with us.

Part One

Call Reception on 021-4941367 to book our driver.

Part Two

Our driver will contact you to arrange your pick up time.

Part Three

On your arrival to the Practice we will automatically book your return journey home for after your appointment.

Part Four

You can relax knowing we are here to help and get you home.

The Redmond Clinic

Contact Us

To book a driver as of above please contact us today on 021-4941367 or email