The Redmond Clinic

Professor Paul Redmond

BSc, M.Ch, FRCSI, FRCS – Consultant Endocrine, Breast, Melanoma and General Surgeon

Professor H. Paul Redmond is a former Chairman of the Department of Surgery at Cork University Hospital Group. His special interest is in surgical oncology and he is a lead clinician in breast and endocrine disease.

Professor Redmond graduated with honours from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in 1983. After undertaking a BSc (1st Class Honours) in Anatomy he completed his surgical training in Dublin. He spent 2 years working as a Surgical Oncology Research Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania.

After returning to Ireland in 1991, he established a research laboratory at Beaumont Hospital, Dublin. He spent a further 3 years working as a Senior Surgical Registrar before being appointed Senior Lecturer in Surgery in Beaumont Hospital and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in 1995.

He was subsequently appointed as Head of the Department of Surgery, Cork University Hospital/University College Cork, Ireland in September 1997.

Professor Redmond’s surgeries focus on delivering state-of-the-art minimally invasive treatments for breast and endocrine diseases. He has also pioneered many new surgical treatments for cancer related diseases.

Over the years Professor Redmond’s passion has increasingly focused on cancer awareness, screening and prevention. In line with this concept, he has developed Rose Clinic with a team of experienced practitioners with the focus on Skin Health and Mole Mapping, implementing an Artificial Intelligence screening program.

Within Rose Clinic, the use of medical grade IPL & Laser equipment, alongside aesthetic procedures and medical skincare lines, allows for a strong results driven, skin health focus in the treatment and prevention of sun damage, thread veins and premature aging.

Professor Redmond has served on numerous nation and international bodies including:

  • Acting Director of the Scientific Committee for the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland
  • Membership Director for the Society of Academic and Research Surgery
  • Council Member of Chair of the Scientific Guidelines Committee for the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland
  • Director of Cancer Services for the Health Service Executive – Southern Region Chair of the Irish National Cancer Forum from 2003-2006

Professor Redmond has authored/co-authored over 350 research publications, book chapters and books.